• Electro-Voice launches EVERSE 8 weatherized battery-powered loudspeaker with Bluetooth audio and control

    Electro-Voice has announced the global introduction of the EVERSE 8 weatherized battery-powered loudspeaker with Bluetooth audio and control. Reportedly the first battery-powered loudspeaker from Electro-Voice and the first weatherized model of its type, EVERSE 8 provides a truly portable and truly wireless audio experience at a price and performance level unmatched by current comparable products on the market, says E-V.

    Targeting a range of applications such as live music, vocal reinforcement and/or audio playback, musicians, DJs, production/rental companies or fitness/activity instructors, EVERSE 8 puts out a maximum nominal SPL of 121 dB and 100º x 100º coverage. Core components include an 8” woofer mounted using EV’s patented SST (Signal Synchronized Transducers) port design, and a titanium tweeter mounted onto a constant-directivity waveguide. EVERSE 8 is driven by a Class-D amplifier and DSP module developed in collaboration with EV’s sibling brand Dynacord. Features include a built in four-channel digital mixer with effects and processing, 48 V phantom power, feedback suppression and audio ducking.

    EVERSE 8 is powered by a custom-designed high-capacity Li-ion battery pack providing 'plentiful power' for up to 12 hours of nominal run time. Protection circuitry reduces the risk of the battery discharging to such a low voltage that it can no longer be recharged – for example, after long periods in storage. Tool-free screws make removing the battery pack reportedly 'effortless'.

    Wireless control and monitoring is done via the EV QuickSmart Mobile app, which can be used to adjust all audio, effects and mix functions via phone or tablet. An integrated 12 V DC port provides power from the EVERSE 8 battery, making it convenient for powering a wireless microphone system such as the Electro-Voice RE3 or R300 in combination with an optional accessory tray to secure receiver hardware in place. For stereo setups, EVERSE 8 is equipped for Bluetooth true wireless stereo streaming. A charging port is also included for mobile devices if a top-up is needed when streaming.

    An soft-touch handle and lightweight construction make it easily to move and mount EVERSE 8, whether on a tripod for a longer throw, set long-side-down as a stage wedge using the 55° monitor angle, or used upright with the 30° kick-back angle to project up off the performance area. Built-in feet with no-skid rubber pads help the system stay put. In combination with the rugged polypropylene enclosure, use of the included weatherized input cover allows EVERSE 8 to meet the IP43 rating (water resistant for splashes and light rain) when running on battery power and while Bluetooth streaming. An optional tote bag is also available, designed to fit the EVERSE 8 as well as an accessory tray and weather cover, wireless mic and receiver, extra battery, XLR and power cables, and mobile devices.

    EVERSE 8 is available now in white or black. In the EU, it can be bought for €671.43+tax. In the US, street price is $749.00+tax.

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