• Ashly Audio opens Amazon US storefront

    Ashly Audio has just opened its Amazon (US) storefront, including 'non-configurable' loudspeakers, amplifiers and analog mixers.

    “To meet our customer’s growing need for on-demand, reliable audio products, we couldn’t be happier to offer an additional outlet for purchasing and delivery,” said Noel Larson, EVP of sales and marketing, Ashly Audio. “Amazon adds a new level of accessibility to Ashly Audio. Now, our products are ready to review, buy and ship directly to our customers.”

    Buyers can now quickly access many of Ashly’s audio equipment including the AW Series of loudspeakers, FX Series and FA Series of amplifiers.

    The AW Series serves as a cost-effective option for compact spaces, while the FX Series provides venues with multi-zone music distribution and the FA Series brings its power to small spaces with up to four channels of amplifier power.

    Eve though only a limited selection of Ashly products are available, this is potentially a controversial move that might not please contractors, as it simplifies end-user access to installation products. For more information, visit Ashly Audio’s Amazon Storefront.
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