• Mackie buys Babelson plug-ins

    Mackie has announced the acquisition of Babelson Audio’s catalog of processing plug-ins, with an range of products including vintage tube EQ and saturation, multiband compression, reverbs, harmonizers, analog delay, and dozens more.

    “Mackie has a long history of developing and integrating effects in products, from analog mixers to powered loudspeakers, and everything in between,” remarked Alex Nelson, Mackie CEO. “This acquisition allows us to provide solutions for customers using DAW software, but just as importantly, it deepens our bench for hardware-based processing in future products. With the addition of Babelson plug-ins to the Mackie family, we are excited to be able to offer our users some of the most powerful, versatile, and best sounding tools available for their music production needs.”

    “Building the Babelson Audio plug-in catalog over the past ten years has been an amazing journey, and joining forces with Mackie is truly the culmination of these efforts,” added Babelson founder Thomas Ceyhan. “The Mackie brand has always been synonymous with creativity, great sound, and great value, and I can think of no better partner for bringing these great products to a broader audience.”

    All Babelson plug-ins will continue to be active as Mackie begins the migration and integration over to Mackie.com.
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