• APG announces NESS free spatialisation software

    APG exhibited at the JTSE trade fair in Paris, France (22-23 November). Amongst the latest products and solutions from the French audio manufacturer APG, one show highlight was APG’s NESS, reportedly the industry’s first-ever 100% free spatialisation software developed by a manufacturer.

    JTSE visitors got a chance to discover NESS first-hand before the solution is presented to a wider international audience at next year’s ISE.

    Available to download from the new-look Arbane Groupe website (APG's parent company), NESS enables entertainment and corporate venue operators, including bars and nightclubs, theatres and conference rooms, to enter the world of immersive sound.

    With NESS, APG aims to offer a robust, reliable spatialisation solution based on established, proven audio algorithms and principles. APG’s ambition is to create a thriving community of users around this software in order to tailor its development towards customer needs and expectations. APG will be holding regular NESS presentations by Damien Jacquet, R&D engineer for Arbane Groupe and NESS developer.

    NESS will also be a platform to experience APG loudspeakers, and in particular the iX range. A number of products from both APG were presented on the Arbane stand.

    For APG, these included SPOT2.6, its passive full-range compact loudspeaker with 2 × 6.5” drivers, and the DA range of four-channel live touring amplifiers, developed in partnership with Powersoft.
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