• Netgear AV switches will simplify installation of Shure products

    With every new technological advancement, the learning curve to facilitate seamless meetings becomes steeper and time becomes more precious. With the goal of providing help to this increasingly prevalent challenge, Shure is teaming up with NETGEAR, provider of networking products to deliver faster integration when installing Shure Microflex Ecosystem products with the NETGEAR AV Line M4250 switches.

    Built for 1G AV over IP, the NETGEAR AV Line M4250 switches feature an AV-centric browser-based user interface that enables key AV network settings, selectable profiles for popular AV devices, and a front panel with various mounting options. Now, M4250 switches come pre-installed with two Shure profiles to optimize switch settings and customize VLANs for control and audio when deploying Microflex Ecosystem devices. The switch splits network traffic for Dante audio and Shure control traffic, reportedly giving integrators a boost of confidence during a seamless installation experience.

    “We understand integrators’ and customers’ time is valuable,” said Chad Wiggins, Associate Vice President of Global Product Management and Innovation at Shure. “By working with NETGEAR, users who install Microflex Ecosystem products in conference rooms on an enterprise network can deploy our solutions faster than ever. Shure is committed to continuing optimal compatibility for the M4250 line and improving the overall experience for every user.”

    All compatible Microflex Ecosystem devices were rigorously tested to ensure seamless integration with M4250 series of switches, says the company.

    “NETGEAR has continued to recognize the evolution taking place in the pro AV world and specifically the advancements in AV-over-IP installations that are changing what is possible in our industry,” said Laurent Masia, director of product line management for managed switches at NETGEAR. “We are pleased to be working with a market leader like Shure to make installations as simple and seamless as possible.”
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