• zactrack announces zactrack mini tracking solution

    The latest addition to the zactrack portfolio, zactrack mini has been unveiled at the LDI Show in Las Vegas. Their newest tracking solution now comes in briefcase size for easy transport and deployment by one person - for tracking areas of 15 x 15 metres. It puts this tracking solution in a smaller form factor with battery operated components and wireless connectivity.

    Applications include smaller venues, exhibitions stands, individual performers, rental companies, House of Worship. With this new system helping to introduce tracking to new users and smaller spaces, it will also be a more economically viable solution for many users too.

    The system can be physically setup in minutes. Those battery powered components mean no cables and overall there is less system infrastructure to install. A Master Anchor forms the nucleus of the mini infrastructure, with multiple uses and can even output DMX directly to fixtures with a XLR cable. This simplifies the system for the user and removes the need for additional hardware previously needed such as the wireless access point, DMX Node and network switches.

    zactrack mini can be used stand-alone or can be integrated to use with an industry standard lighting console. The kit comes with all tracking components and accessories.
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