• Alcons Audio announces BC272 cardioid subwoofer

    Alcons Audio has announced the introduction of the BC272, a new medium-output cardioid subwoofer for both permanent and portable ground-stacked applications.

    By means of a front and rear-located woofer configuration, in combination with dedicated processing, the BC272 offers selectable cardioid low-frequency pattern control and rear rejection stated to be up to 42 dB.

    On the front side, a 15-inch long-excursion woofer with 4-inch voice coil is mounted in a front-loaded configuration, while on the rear side, a 12-inch long-excursion woofer (also with 4-inch voice coil) is also mounted in a front-loaded configuration. The large bass reflex ports on the front and the rear side enable breathing capacity to maximize overall output while minimizing port compression.

    The subwoofer is powered and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller that offers BC272-specific drive processing with response optimization, dedicated power and excursion protection and hybrid filtering. The preset library contains cardioid settings for maximum rear-/side-ward attenuation.

    Through the SIS (Signal Integrity Sensing) circuit, the cable length and connector resistance between the BC272 and ALC is dynamically compensated (system damping factor >10.000), a design to reportedly enhance accuracy and control cone-travel to produce a tighter response regardless of impedance or cable length.

    The relatively low-weight but rigid enclosure is available in road-version and installation (“i”) versions. For install applications, a single-cabinet flying option is available. The cabinet is finished in Durotect scratch-resistant coating, and through the company’s Architect Color Option program, it can be finished in any RAL colour.

    Philip de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D, states, “The BC272 is the most compact self-contained cardioid we offer to date. It features the same cardioid control as its larger siblings, albeit in a more compact form factor. Our mission in the development of the BC range of cardioid subwoofers was to obtain the highest rearward rejection possible to get a real problem-solving solution instead of a ‘nice-to-have feature’.”
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