• Studiomaster Instacube 4/Instasub 8 compact loudspeaker system

    Studiomaster has launched a compact commercial audio loudspeaker system to its professional loudspeaker catalogue with the introduction of its InstaCube 4 and InstaSub 8.

    The InstaCube 4’s 145mm x 156mm x 143mm aluminium enclosure comes with a removable mounting U-bracket. Loaded with a custom designed 4" neodymium, two-way coaxial loudspeaker, comprising a 35mm voice coil MF and 1.3" PEEK (polyether ether ketone) film diaphragm HF driver arrangement, the InstaCube 4 features 100W average power handling and a 100 Hz–20kHz (-10 dB) frequency response.

    The low-profile InstaSub 8 bass reflex compact subwoofer is ceiling, wall or floor mountable, and can be positioned under furniture. Measuring 515mm x 200mm x 425mm, the sub features an 8" loudspeaker. With a 38mm voice coil, the driver also features an aluminium modulation ring that reduces distortion, with 200W nominal power handling.

    ‘In extending our loudspeaker offering into the dedicated commercial audio segment, we have come to the market with a system highly representative of our brand values of highly competitive cost-performance ratios, and levels of design and build quality Studiomaster distributors and dealers have long come to know and trust,’ says Studiomaster General Manager, Patrick Almond. ‘The product design is one of high performance and efficiency, with exceptional ease of deployment and operation; lowering the barriers to achieving effective BGM and A/V audio coverage in a wide breadth of application environments.’
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