• Audiofocus launches Cyris CX6 compact passive loudpeaker

    Audiofocus has launched the passive Cyris CX6 coaxial 6-inch loudspeaker and its companion powered C210S low-profile dual 10-inch subwoofer.

    With a nominal peak SPL of 122dB, the Cyris CX6 targets short-throw applications in fixed installations or live events, and can serve as a fill cabinet in larger performance, conference and worship settings. Its cardioid design [E.N. - this is a passive cardioid using some sort of a vent, though, sadly, the manufacturer does not provide polar plots on this] reportedly permits it to be positioned close to walls or corners without reflection problems, while a flared vent manages low frequency distortion. A mic stand insert is integrated and an optional U-bracket is available.

    The C210S is a dual-vented band-pass subwoofer, housing 2x10" neodymium LF drivers and employing 18Sound's Tetracoil technology for a nominal peak SPL of 126.5 dB at 1m. Compact design and discreet looks are used for hospitality and leisure installations as well as corporate A/V and live events.

    The C210S features an integral class-D amplifier with DSP, allowing it to power multiple CX6 speakers and cutting the need for external hardware.

    ‘Thanks to some clever design choices, CX6 delivers far more power than industry-standard 5-inch loudspeakers, but its footprint is only fractionally larger,’ says Audiofocus CEO, Ann Leroy. ‘In our listening tests, customers have been blown away by the SPL and intelligibility we achieved with this tiny cabinet. By adding the low-profile C210S, we can now offer a plug-and-play full range PA package for smaller venues and events.’

    The Cyris CX6 and C210S cabinets are constructed in Belgium using birch plywood with a polyurea coating.

    Other specs:
    Frequency range (-6dB)
    Nominal directivity (-6dB)
    90° x 90°
    2×4-pin speakON
    Nominal Impedance
    8 ohm
    Passive cross-over network
    Power handling AES/peak 165W / 660W
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 174 x 180 x 196 mm
    6,85 x 7,09 x 7,72 inches
    Weight 3,05kg / 6.61lbs
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