• EAW to launch KF210 line array module at ISE

    Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) will be taking the floor at the 2023 ISE Show (Booth 7K140) and formally presenting the KF210 2-Way 2 X 10” Line Array.

    Seemingly a non-powered version of the NTX201L (with identical dimensions) and offering a maximum nominal SPL of 141dB at 1m, three-point rigging and built-in weather protection, the KF210 is said to be a powerhouse in a small, durable package, designed to support a wide range of applications for the long-haul. Despite its small form, there is no sacrificing output for size with the KF210. The compact line array module weighs 60 lbs (27 kg), targeting medium to large outdoor festivals, corporate events, houses of worship, performing arts centers or theaters. Featuring dual, symmetrically placed 10-inch woofers and a 3in voice coil compression driver, the KF210 provides 90°x12° beamwidth and 55Hz – 18kHz frequency response.

    US price is $4,163.00 plus tax.

    Other features:
    Transdducers: 2×10″ LF cone, 2.5″ VC, 1×1,4″ HF, 3″ VC compression driver
    Power handling: 500 W @ 8 ohm LF - 600 W @ 8 ohm HF - 150 W @ 8 ohm
    Connections: NL4 and Loop Thru
    Dimensions: 314 X 720 X 520mm
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