• DirectOut expands the PRODGIY Series with additional MADI options and SNMP support

    DirectOut has announced a new module to the PRODIGY Series: the MADI2.SFP.IO. The new module comes with the housing and form factor of the PRODIGY Audio Network modules and hosts two SFP cages that can be equipped with Optical or Coaxial MADI SFP transceivers.

    Each port on the module supports 64 audio channels expanding the MADI capabilities of both PRODIGY.MP and PRODIGY.MC mainframes to respectively 384 and 256 MADI channels when operating at 1FS. MADI2.SFP.IO also offers the possibility to perform HD SRC (high resolution sampling rate conversion) on MADI, a feature which was already available for Dante, RAVENNA/AES67 and SoundGrid, and which provides an alternative to the FastSRC™. It is in fact equipped with FPGA-based state-of-the-art sample rate conversion which enables asynchronous operation between the module and the PRODIGY mainframe, independently from the configured reference clock of the device.

    With SNMP(v1/v2), DirectOut offers another 3rd party standard protocol to monitor the PRODIGY Series in mission critical positions. Especially in larger installations the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is being used to monitor device statuses and to trigger alarms if crucial functions fail or specific events occur. As for the PRODIGY Series, vital device functionalities can be put under surveillance, such as the PSU, temperature and fan conditions or the status of the GPIOs. The lock/sync state of the digital inputs and the WCK/Video sync can be monitored as well as MADI Redundancy and EARS trigger information.

    SNMP comes as a paid license option for the PRODIGY Series. The MIB file is available upon request.

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