• Lavoce introducing new components at ISE 2023

    Lavoce Italiana is introducing a ferrite common HF/LF magnet coaxial as well as their first ever annular diaphragm HF compression driver at ISE 2023.

    DN10.143 and DF10.143 compression drivers were created by optimising the complex methodology of annular diaphragm design and adopting their Next Generation development approach for compression drivers, says the company. From original design concept this optimizes every aspect of their performance target and production process to ensure the perfect balance of a high-quality acoustic performance with consistency, reliability, and cost.

    The annular diaphragm design used in DN10.143 and DF10.143 reportedly has the advantage of delivering higher sensitivity and extended low frequency performance than typical dome diaphragm designs,. as well as lower distortion across the operating frequency range, which is further enhanced by the first break-up modes of the annular diaphragm exhibiting at a higher frequency. Both models specify a 'conservative' 1800Hz recommended crossover point.

    DN10.143 has a neodymium magnet motor structure and offers 35W AES power rating with 110dB sensitivity and a frequency range of 1200Hz to 20000kHz. Utilising a 1.4” edgewound copper-clad aluminium voice coil, one-piece high temperature polymer annular diaphragm and surround, and weighing 0.5kg with a 71mm diameter, DN10.143 is a compact solution for line array modules and other high-output applications.

    DF10.143 has a ferrite magnet motor structure and offers a slightly lower sensitivity than its 'neo' brother (107.5dB), with the same power handling, frequency range, voice coil and one-piece diaphragm and surround, with an obvious price advantage for more cost-conscious line array projects or high-output 2-way or 3-way cabinet designs.

    Pierpaolo DeMinicis, Pro Audio Division Manager, comments ‘Since launching the first model of our Next Generation range of compression driver in 2019, we are very happy to have gained the attention of many of the worlds’ most renowned pro audio brands, so enhancing our range with annular diaphragm models is a logical next step. We are also proud of the perfect synergy our state-of-the-art Italian R&D center and wholly owned manufacturing plant in China offers our customers, and for sure DN10.143 and DF10.143 further exemplify this unique proposition’.

    Lavoce are also launching their new 6.5” ferrite common magnet coaxial, CSF061.71K, at ISE.

    CSF061.71K is ferrite magnet 6.5” coaxial with a common HF/LF motor, the 8” version of the CSF082.00K, launched in 2021. Both models form the beginning of a wider range of steel basket common motor coaxials with 10”, 12” and 15” sizes coming later in 2023 and designed to offer point-source solutions with a price-competitive edge, says Lavoce.

    CSF061.71K has a nominal 150W AES power handling and 96dB sensitivity for the LF, and a 35W AES power handling and 103.5dB sensitivity for the HF. The woofer uses a 1.7” edgewound copper-clad aluminium coil while the HF uses a 1.4” copper-clad aluminium voice coil on a one-piece polyimide diaphragm and surround. The addition of double demodulating rings helps minimise distortion. Together with a 75-20000Hz frequency range and 100° nominal coverage, CSF061.71K is targeted at point-source applications or ceiling speaker projects.

    Kevin Shove, International Sales Director, adds ‘Our R&D team based in Potenza Picena have really harnessed the complex nature of common HF/LF magnet coaxial design to produce an attractive premium performance coaxial proposition. We are experiencing a high level of interest in this category for portable and install applications, so CSF061.71K is a welcome addition which will offer system designers a higher power 6.5” coaxial solution for single point-source projects or as the mid-high in a three-way system.’

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