• KGEAR by K-array introduces new GF Loudspeakers and GM44 Matrix at ISE 2023

    KGEAR by K-Array has added two new models to its GF family of columns: the GF42 (4 x 2″) and GF162 (16 x 2″). These new models offer different throw and dispersion angle options, while maintaining the 2-inch drivers and build quality of the existing GF22 and GF82 models.

    In addition to the new models, KGEAR has also announced active versions of three models (GF22A, GF42A, GF82A) featuring a built-in amplifier with auto on-off and the ability to drive a passive speaker, as well as 70/100V versions (GF42T, GF82T, GF162T) for large-scale loudspeaker deployments. The entire GF line has been redesigned with a new bracket system for greater installation flexibility and a cleaner look. With the new IP connector sealing cap accessories, all GF loudspeakers can now be used for outdoor applications.

    KGEAR's analog audio matrix, the GM44, has also been introduced. The GM44L is a 4-zone matrix with four stereo line inputs, four stereo line outputs with treble and bass adjustment, and four zone input selectors. An auxiliary input can be independently assigned to each zone output and mixed to the selected input channel, and a dry contact input allows for emergency muting. Multiple GM44L units can be linked together to increase the number of outputs. The GM44L can be used as a preamplifier for KGEAR's GA201 amplifier, as up to four GA201s can be mounted in just 1RU with KGEAR's G-RACKMINI2 accessory. This makes it appropriate for multi-zone sound distribution in applications such as bars and restaurants, hospitality, corporate, conference, and residential settings.
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