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    There are two basic ways to carry an electrical audio signal.

    • The first one is unbalanced. The signal is carried on a two-conductor cable. Unbalanced signal connectors have two pins, such as the RCA (also called Phono and Cinch, commonly used by home hi-fi equipment) and the unbalanced 1/4" (used in musical instruments and semi-professional audio). Multi-pin connectors can also carry unbalanced signal, although they will not use all pins). For example, a three-pin XLR (Cannon) might carry an unbalanced signal, leaving one pin unused.

    The importance of cables for the connection between the amplifier and the speaker is often controversial. Hi-fi aficionados spend fortunes on cables that promise spectacular results, and our short auditory memory and subjectivity lead many to confirm these improvements in their systems.

    The truth is that there are very few serious studies on the importance of the cable in relation to the perceived sound quality. A cable has impedance (opposition to electric current as a function of frequency), capacitance (behaves to some extent like a capacitor) and inductance (behaves like a coil). However, a few years ago an AES article concluded that the differences between cables were very small in terms of capacitance and inductance, and only recognized the importance of impedance.

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    A tabela abaixo mostra o fator de amortecimento resultante, perda de sinal, atenuação e impedância para diferentes comprimentos e seções de cabo. A perda de sinal representa a energia desperdiçada ...
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    Constant voltage, high impedance or line transformer systems are often a somewhat confusing concept for professionals used to rock and roll. They are actually very simple to design, among other things because they are intended to be installed by electricians and the like, with little experience in sound systems. In this article we will try to clarify the simple concepts needed to understand this type of system. ...
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    Comprimento máximo do cabo do alto-falante para :

    • Baixa impedância (2, 4, 8 y 16 ohm)
      • Qualidade
      • 3 dB de perda, às vezes pode ser uma alternativa a um sistema de linha de transformadores
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    Sistemas de tensão constante ou de alta impedância são freqüentemente um conceito um tanto confuso, embora na verdade sejam muito fáceis de projetar, entre outras coisas porque se destinam a ser instalados por pessoas com pouco conhecimento de sistemas de som. Neste artigo vamos tentar esclarecer os conceitos simples que precisam ser conhecidos neste tipo de sistema. ...
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    QSC has recently announced that it has joined the Microsoft Teams Device Certification Program and is working towards completing specific solution ...
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