• Royer Labs Announces dBooster2 Two-Channel Signal Booster & DI

    Royer Labs has announced its second generation in-line signal booster, the dBooster2. In addition to being a phantom powered signal booster and impedance buffer for both ribbon and dynamic microphones, the second generation dBooster2 offers independent 2-channel functionality and doubles as a DI to accommodate signal levels for electric guitar, bass, and other unbalanced guitar level sources.

    When used as a signal booster, both channels of the dBooster2 increase the level of passive low-output ribbon and dynamic microphones with reportedly minimum distortion or coloration. The dBooster2’s input stages are said to be "designed like the front end of a high-end microphone preamplifier". Each dBooster2 channel offers two levels of gain boost: 12dB or 20dB in Mic Mode, selectable by a front panel switch. The dBooster2’s Class A input presents a high source impedance to microphones.

    When used as a DI for unbalanced guitar level sources, the dBooster2 provides either 0dB or 8dB of gain, selectable from the front panel switch. The single ended high-impedance (230K-Ohm) DI input reportedly maintains headroom and gain regardless of load, with minimal distortion or coloration. Regardless of whether the dBooster2 is functioning as a signal booster or DI, the unit’s balanced, low-impedance outputs provide the ability to drive digital interfaces or standard mic preamps. The dBooster2 also minimizes signal loss over long cable runs. The combination of its ultra-low noise performance, ultra-low distortion, and wide frequency bandwidth make the dBooster2 an exceptional choice for a wide range of studio related tasks, says Royer.

    Royer’s new dBooster2 is safe for use with all ribbon microphones, protecting the ribbons from phantom power hits and giving true electrical isolation. Each channel operates independently and is electrically isolated from the other.

    The Royer Labs dBooster2 In-Line Signal Booster comes at an introductory street price of $299.00 in the US. The unit will ship January 2022.
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