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If you'd like other reference information related to professional sound, let us know here. Don't forget to check other Doctor ProAudio sections as well, such as the calculators section. Note that only a fraction of our sections and materials are in English.

Basics and tutorials

1. Speaker power handling explained. How it is measured; types of specifications; average/RMS-programme-peak; AES, IEC, EIA; causes of failures and how to avoid them; amplifier selection

2. Dynamics processing tutorial: introduction



1. Q«»bandwidth. For use with parametric filters on programmable controllers

2. Maximum speaker cable lengths. Low impedance (2, 4, 8 and 16 ohm), 70V, 100V

3. Speaker cable. Damping factor, signal loss and impedance for different cable gauges

4. Fletcher-Munson equal loudness contours. Express how the ear's frequency response varies at different listening levels

5. Frequency weightings: A, B and C. Simulate the ear's frequency response at different listening levels

6.  Air absorption with humidity and frequency. See why the highs get lost first when throwing over long distances

7.  Connections to balanced inputs. XLR, 1/4", RCA

8. Insert cable.

9. Auxiliary fed subwoofers.

10.  Pink, white, red noise. ¿Which one is flat?



1. Frequency response templates. 1/3 octave and continuous resolution

2. Phase alignment between subwoofers and mid-high cabinets. Article by Joan La Roda, courtesy of DAS Audio

3. Setting up a cardioid subwoofer system. Article by Joan La Roda, courtesy of DAS Audio

4. A game of numbers. Understanding directivity specifications. Article by José (joe) Brusi, courtesy of Brusi Acoustics



1. John Meyer (Meyer Sound)

2. Brock Adamson (Adamson)

3. Pat Quilter (QSC)

4. François Deffarges (Nexo)

5. Carlo Lastrucci (Powersoft)



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